Surgeon Advances New Technique for Pain-Free Knee Replacements

November 29, 2010



Florida Hospital Surgeon Advances New Technique for Pain-Free Knee Replacements

Unique pain management technique in Central Florida reduces pain by 95 percent

WINTER PARK, Fla. Nov. 16, 2010 - Dr. Hugh Morris, orthopaedic surgeon at Winter Park Memorial Hospital, has advanced and implemented a new pain management technique, making recovery gentler and easier for knee replacement patients. An often feared and painful surgery, the technique perfected over three years by Dr. Morris and his team eliminates nearly 95 percent of post-operative pain and the need for high doses of narcotics traditionally administered to control pain. Patients have a reduced chance of experiencing the complications that often arise from using narcotics like nausea, dizziness and urinary issues.

By inserting a femoral nerve block high into the thigh, non-narcotic supplements are used to numb the knee, a technique not yet used by other surgeons. This "Novocain" keeps the knee numb via use of a pain pump for two days after surgery, speeding up the recovery process and getting the patient to rehabilitation quicker.

"This stage of pain management is the most significant advancement I've seen in 23 years of knee replacement surgery," said Dr. Morris. "Traditionally, pain after knee replacement surgery is extremely high, making patients so afraid of knee replacement surgery. This is an important technique that is making the post-operative experience bearable for patients."

The benefits of the new technique are quickly felt by the patient as they wake up from surgery. Barbara Haas, a recent knee replacement patient of Dr. Morris', has had knee replacements performed the traditional way and with the new pain management technique.

"I feel so much better after this knee replacement," said Haas. "I was so nervous to have this knee replacement after going through my first one but I would tell anyone that it was so much better this time around."

This technique provides such vast improvement in post-operative pain that Florida Hospital's orthopaedic team hopes to introduce it as a best practice in knee replacement surgery.

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