Media Inquiries

For Patient Inquiries:

If you are a patient and would like to reach Florida Hospital in metro Orlando, call 407-303-5600. 

If you are a patient with a question regarding your hospital bill, please email  


For Press Inquiries:

If you are a member of the media and would like to reach Corporate Communications to learn more about Florida Hospital or request an interview, call 407-303-8217. For after-hours media inquiries, call 407-303-6611. Journalists can also e-mail the Corporate Communications team at:

To reach specific members of the Corporate Communications team:

Samantha Kearns O'Lenick
Executive Director
407-303-8212 (office)
407-340-3821 (cell)

David Harrison
Senior Videographer/Editor
407-303-2964 (office)

Amy Pavuk-Gentry
Corporate Communications Manager
407-303-1333 (office)
407-312-2637 (cell)

David Breen
Corporate Communications Manager
407-303-8214 (office)
407-928-7589 (cell)

Claudia Arbona
Corporate Communications Specialist
407-303-8215 (office)
407-952-5909 (cell)